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Monticola - To Me Ukulele tab

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by VsWorld

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Monticola - To Me

Intro: F F7 C A7 F G7 C  

Verse I  

        F                  F7 
Is there somebody out there anyone for me? 
C                                     A7 
Darling your fine they say there's a smile between your cheeks 
           F A D  G7      C 
But somebody      help me please  

Verse II 

F                          F7        
I don't know there must be something on my mind 
   C                     A7 
or nothing at all I just can't decide  
             F   A        D                      G7       
So I'll just sit here and wait in this state and freeze 

Verse III 

              F                          F7 
It's like the world is a camera, you can never guarantee 
      C                            A7 
who's out there to get you so just say cheese  


       F           A7   D                        G7  
Stay a little bit longer 'cause your worth it to me 
       F           A7   D7           G7          C 
Stay a little bit longer 'cause your worth it to me 
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