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James Severin - I Dealt With It Internally Until I Puked

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James Severin - I Dealt With It Internally Until I Puked

| Bb |                           | Eb | 
Jeez, that's funny, there's black paint all over the butts of my cigarettes. 
| Bb |                             | Gm7 | 
Perhaps I should clean them, I mean, it could do me even more harm, 
| Bb |                                 | Eb | 
But I figured it would hurt my purpose and then again I didn't have the time for that. 
| Bb |                                            | Gm7 | 
I had a scary thought about hitchhiking last night playing Jim Morrison's little game called 'go insane' 

| Cm/G |                | Cm7 |                     || Dm || 
I smoked all of my stuff and then I had to get more stuff, but, then, once I got used to that, 
|| Eb/F || 
It was fairly easy for me, babe, I'll tell you this 
| Bb |  | Bb7 | 
To die of my love for you 
| Bb | 

| Bb |                  | Eb | 
And I know that I told you I'd deal with this internally 
| Bb |                                                | Gm7 | 
But my insides began to hurt and the wine made me puke, on this same floor my tears dried out on 
| Bb |                                  | Eb | 
And then, this began to come out with it. I wonder if its related to discovering that I can still cry. 
| Bb |                            | Gm7 | 
And if so, Isn't it a little funny? I tried telling you that from the start. 
|| Cm/G Cm || Fmaj7 || 

|| Fmaj7 ||                     || Gm7 || 
Though it isn't much fun to me, but then again I'm sometimes numb as a statue, so I figure I've earned that. 
|| Fmaj7 ||                                          || Bb || 
But it's not like I would ever recognize fun, anyway, at first glance, if it hit me in the face. 
|| Fmaj7 ||                          || Gm7 || 
Hello, it's me, the real me this time, the one that's perpetually lost in the wilderness of self 
|| Fmaj7 ||                    | Bb |                           | Bb7 | 
I wonder if that's a part of it, the man had to die once for love so the artist could be born. 

| Gm7 | Gm | :| 

| Gm7 |         | Gm | 
Is it true, babe? That you love me? 
| Gm7 |                | Gm | 
My insides hurt for you, how I love you. 
| Gm7 |              | Gm | 
But I'm really a fool, you've seen it, too 
|| Gm7 ||                           || Gm ||                      || Eb || 
And I guess that I actually thought you could change that about me, with your smile 
|| Fmaj7 ||                                         || Bb ||                                   (Hold/Fade) 
And all the times that you look at me, and I at you, it reminds me I'm not afraid to follow us 
| Fmaj7 | Eb | 

| Bb | Eb | 
Was that really me there, lying on the floor? 
| Bb | | Gm7 | 
If so, I wonder who'll get up this time 
| Bb |                  | Eb | 
And so, my love for you at last consumed the only way I knew how 
| Bb |       | Gm7 | 
Well, you see, I died here on this floor. 
| Eb | F Fmaj7 | Bb | 
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