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Scars Ukulele tab

Miranda Lambert

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by tercmoraes

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Capo on 4th fret

Intro: G Bm  C  G  D 

         G              Bm 
Some are deep, some are not 
     C                              D 
Some never hurt at all, some hurt a lot 
         G                 Bm 
Some are there from our mistakes 
     C                                   D 
Some are all thatís left to show of the choices that weíve made 

Em                    C        G                        D 
Some are too small to notice, there to remind us who we are 
Em                           C 
Even if the world could look inside us 
            G                  D                  C 
They might miss the blemish on our hearts, these scars 

         G                 Bm 
Iíve got mine, youíve got yours 
     C                             D 
Iíve lived enough to know now to hide any more 
         G                   Bm 
Weíve had time, and time can heal 
If they could change the way they look 
They can change the way we feel 

Em                         C 
I understand as well as you do 
G                            D 
Sometimes a touch can go too far 
Em                              C 
Love was never meant to be that easy 
    G                              D              C 
And some don't just disappear in the dark, these scars 

Pain that I remember 
Is the pain that makes me stronger 
G                             D 
Iíve had to look at life that way 
Iíve learned to rise above it 
To keep from going under 
G                             D 
Well, I take it step by step, day by day 

        G                 Bm 
Iím not ashamed of what you see 
         C                             D 
Because every single scar has become a part of me 
         G                   Bm 
And all I know, is here and now 
            C                  D 
Yesterdayís gone, but with me somehow 

Em                         C 
Looking back, Iím glad I took my chances 
           G                            D 
Cause they were worth enough to leave a mark 
Em                             C 
Maybe Iím not sure where weíre going 
G                                        D 
But it means a lot to know just where we start 
With these scars,  

G Bm  C  G  D 

         G              Bm 
Some are deep, some are not 
     C                              D     G 
Some never hurt at all, some hurt a lot 
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