Matthew Perryman Jones

Wait For Me

Matthew Perryman Jones

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Wait For Me

Capo on 3rd fret

Intro riff (2x) 
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(3x) 1st end 2nd end e|------------------|---------|--0-----| B|------------------|---------|--1-----| G|-----------0-----.|---------|--2-----| D|--------0-----2--.|---------|--2-----| A|---2h3------------|--0------|--0-----| E|------------------|---------|--x-----|
verse 1 C Wrote you a letter, I hope you read it Am G I put the pieces of my heart down C This isn't easy, I want you near me Am G I think about you all the time now G Am C Oh the in between
C F Am Time won't take away what I saw shining in your eyes G I will wait for you C F Am Love like this comes only one time and it's still alive G Will you wait for me
Intro riff (1x) C Midnight confessions, tangled in questions Am G We found a harbor in the darkness C What are we doing, We're only human Am G We're just two lovers at a distance G Am C Living our memory Chorus bridge Am F C G I see a picture of the way we are and what could be Am F C G Hold onto my love, I will come for you when I am free Intro riff (2x)
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