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Maisie Peters

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verse 1 

C                    Em 
I can't promise you anything 
        Am                             F 
there's nothing to give that you don't have 
      C                      Em 
if I could, I'd promise you everything 
        Am                                 F 
but I'm not sure how much good there is in that 

           C                            E7 
well maybe one day when I'm famous I'll buy a private jet 
           F                                       C 
and we can fly to where the rain doesn't reach the ground 
          Am                                F 
and maybe we could just get older and we'll watch the sun turn colder 
         Am                                         G 
and I'll make you toast when you say you're feeling down 

verse 2 

C                   Em 
I can't promise you anything 
        Am                                 F 
there's nothing in this world you couldn't get 
      C                 Em 
and I bet that when the sun explodes 
       Am                           F 
you'll find a way to argue with the dead 

        C                             E7 
cause you're far too god damn beautiful to fade into the dirt 
            F                          C 
so you will build us both a mud hut to shelter from the worst of this 
Am                             F 
unrelenting heat and I'll make toast over fires 
           Am                                G 
when we're running out of plant life left to eat 


C  Em  Am  F (x2) 

verse 3 

C                   Em 
I can't promise you anything 
            Am                               F 
I guess I'm just a little small to fill your thoughts 
     C                 Em 
even if I swear by the words I sing 
     Am                          F 
even if I make you toast forever more 

         C                          E7 
well you'll still grow into a someone with a mortage and a wife 
      F                                   C 
maybe she'll be called Rebecca, she's the love of your life  
                Am                               F                            Am 
and you'll have three kids and a garden and I'll still just be a three out of ten 
and in the e-e-e-e-end 
       C                   F              C                            F 
you'll fall for those like Becca and I'll just become another facebook-friend 


not even good at making toast, no 
            G                              C                      Am 
it's always burnt and I won't ever be your most, oh, I just never learn 
yeah, I'll always burn my toast 
                       G                        C                        G 
and I will always have stuff to work through so I'm not worth you in any world 
                  F                 Am           G                                   C 
but I'll make you toast for now and evermore and wait til you get bored of just warm bread 


C  Em  Am  F (x2) 
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