Lynn Anderson

Keep Me In Mind

Lynn Anderson


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Keep Me In Mind

	  		I was looking through the archives and notices that the Lynn Anderson was 
pretty empty so I thought I'd send a couple of my personal favorites. 
Dan Mooney - Portland, Oregon 
Keep Me In Mind 
D When everything Dmaj7 right, D6 seems to go {D}wrong, your G heart 
waits to 
sing, but it Gm can't find a song, when it D seems that the Dmaj7 
world has 
Bm left you behind, A keep me in D mind. 
D When you think that Dmaj7 life, D6 is just D passing you by, you 
G look but 
you can't find a Gm reason to try, when it D seems that a Dmaj7 
friend, is 
D so hard to Bm find, A keep me in D mind. 
G Keep me in mind, cause I'll never A stop loving {D}you, and as G 
as I live, I'll have love to give, and I'll give it E all to you, just 
When the D dreams that you've Dmaj7 chased, have all D6 gotten 
a{D}way, and 
you G stand at the end, of a Gm long lonely day, you will D never be 
Dmaj7 far, from {D}these arms of Bm mine, A keep me in D mind. 
Repeat last verse 

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