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Wouldn't It Be Loverly Ukulele tab

Lena Horne

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Wouldn't It Be Loverly


D      D7        G        Gm 
All I want is a room somewhere 
D     Bm7           E7        A 
Far away from the cold night air 
D    F#m  Am7      B7 
With one enormous chair 
Gdim  D   B7       Em7/9 Em7    A7 
Aoh, wouldn't it be loverly 
D   A7  D    D7/9     G  G/F# Em7 
Lots of choc'lates for me  to  eat 
D   A7   D   D9     E7       A 
Lots of coal makin' lots of 'eat 
D    F#m         Am7         B7 
Warm face, warm 'ands, warm feet, 
Gdim  D      Bm7 G  Gdim A7 D9 D 
Aoh, wouldn't it       be  loverly 
A  Edim  E7    D9     Cdim      Bm5-/7    A    C#7    F#m 
Aoh, so loverly sittin' absobloomin' lutely   still 
D6   C#7  F#m C#m5-/7 Edim   B7    E    Edim  Em7            A7 
I   would never      budge 'till spring crept over me windowsill 
D   A7      D   D9     G       Gm 
Someone's 'ead restin' on my knee 
D   A7   D    D9     E7     A 
Warm an' tender    as 'e can be 
D    F#m   Bm7  Am7 D9 B7 
'ho takes good care of me 
Gdim  D    Bm7 G  Gdim A7 D9   D 
Aoh, wouldn't it       be  loverly 
A9    A   D9   D   D7  G9   G   D G Em7 D 
Loverly, loverly,     loverly, loverly 
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