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D  Dsus - D       
Dsus - D 
Ooh - ooh        
Dsus - D 
Ooh - ooh        

Dsus D Dsus Whatever you think is love D Dsus His love is in - finite D Dsus Whatever you think is peace D His peace is infinite Bm Whatever you think is good G Whatever you think is right D A G D Whatever you think He is, He is in - finite Dsus - D Ooh - ooh
verse 1: Dsus - D I walk alone and Iím unafraid Dsus - D ĎCause You are with me Ďtil the grave Dsus - D I am secure, and Iím unashamed Dsus - D ĎCause my God will never fail Dsus - D All about me is my fear Dsus - D Mine enemies are pressing near Dsus - D I know thereíll be no doubting here Dsus - D ĎCause Your love is infinite Repeat Chorus Dsus - D All my people gather Ďround Dsus - D The Holy Ghost is coming down Dsus - D Just like an angel dressed in light Dsus - D Youíre gonna need to shade your eyes Dsus - D But donít you ever close your ears Dsus - D And donít you ever shed a tear Dsus - D Just open up your heart and mind Dsus - D ĎCause His love is infinite Repeat Chorus Bridge: Dm Iím on my journey to the end of the road Iím gonna meet you when it starts to fork Donít wanna end up taking the wrong turn Dm C# C Am F Donít wanna end up where my heart is burned Dm You said You love me, and You know me well When I stood tall and I tripped and fell But now Iím Yours, and I stand refined Dm C# C Am G Like a peace of gold from the mountain side Repeat Chorus x 2
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