Keith Barbour

Echo Park

Keith Barbour

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Echo Park

Intro: C  C/B 

C/A      C/G 
It's the morning 
             F   F/E             F/D           F/C 
Soon, he'll rise     finds the glasses for his eyes  
Aren't what they used to be  
               C     C/B           C/A   C/G 
Picks up the clothes He's worn so long  
         F    F/E          F/D          F/E 
On the bureau    sits the picture of a lady  
And the mural of a man  
             G7            Dm7/G  G7  C 
Who've been gone for many years  

C F The old man walks in Echo Park Dm/G From bench to bench he moves C From morning til dark F For the ducks some bread he brings Dm/G Wonder if he'll feed them F C F C Dm/G G7 This time next spring
Listening to the children play Reminds him of the days Many years ago Thoughts of a child That he helped grow And memory of a letter Saying, dear Sir We regret to inform you Your son will not be coming home
Cm Dm7/G Old man, tell me are there fears G7 Cm Do you measure life in years F7 Dm7/G G7 Or is one day all you'll ever know Dm7/G I've got to know Oh, oh, oh...
C F The old man walks in Echo Park Dm From bench to bench he moves C From morning til dark Repeat
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