Katie Armiger

Leaving Home

Katie Armiger

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Leaving Home

(Vicky Beeching)

I put the locket you gave me in a shoe box 
With all my favorite high school pictures in a ziplock 
           C                             Em 
So when I think about myself and all that I'm not 
Thanks for the extra cash 
Please take good care of dad 
     Am                           D 
I promise you I'll call along the way 

G      D         G 
Mama, don't you cry 
                  Em         D     G 
I'm movin' on but know this ain't goodbye 
              C                      G          D 
We might be miles apart, I'll carry you in my heart 
               Am                      D 
I'll send you kisses on the phone but mama 
I'm leaving home 

In only four months I'll be comin' home for Christmas 
I bet that all the time will fly, you know how it does 
           C                           Em 
Maybe I'll go and find a nice guy and fall in love 
I'll do my best to make you proud 
Keep my room safe for now 
        Am                              D 
Just in case these big dreams don't work out 

We knew this day would come 
And as bad as you wanna hold on 
Am                           C 
We both know it's time to let go  
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