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Every Time You Cry Ukulele tab

John Farnham

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by Jacko29

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Every Time You Cry

  		C#m     G#m         A                B 
Never before have I seen you look so blue 
  C#m          G#m      A                G#7 
I can't find a cure and nothing comforts you 
    A                       G#7 
The light at the end of the tunnel 
        A                       B   B7 
Doesn't shine at the end of the day 
E C#m Everytime you cry, save up all your tears G#m B7 I will be your rainbow when they disappear E G#m Wash away the pain, till you smile again C#m B A I will be the laughter in your eyes B E G#m A B Everytime you cry
Time has a way of wounding what has healed What can I say? I know just how you feel Your soul is dark and troubled Like a river running wild Chorus C#m G#m A B Well you know that's what I'm here for C#m G#m A G#7 I will give you what you need, more A G#7 There'll be no hesitation A B B7 I will reap no reward Chorus TILL END
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