John Berry

Change My Mind

John Berry


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Change My Mind

Capo on 3rd fret
	  		Change My Mind 
Sung By.  John Berry 
Transcribed By PretendurX :  I love this song, and to hear him sing it live 
is a real treat
G I don't want to lose D you, but even a C fool can G see 
C Everyday your D love is slippin C a little C bit further away from 
D me 
G So I'll be the one to D say good-bye C cause yoru hearts C already 
G gone 
C pack my bags take the D midnight train C unless you say I'm G wrong 
C Change my G mind C say you couldn't live without G me 
C Say you're crazy about me with a C look with a Am touch 
C Change my G mind C lookin in your G eyes C for the love we left 
D behind 
C It's not too late D to change my C mind 
G Somethings come between D us, it's not C another G lover 
C Seems one night D we just stopped C trying to please each other 
G If it's really D over why can't C I walk G away 
C Tell me I'm making a D big mistake C beg me to D stay 
D Give me C half a reason D to give it one more C try 
G We could leave this C leaving D behind 
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