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Montana Ukulele tab

James Taylor

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by marcodox59

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  		Intro:   G  A  Em7  A 

D                                  D/C#                      G/B                        A7sus4 
I'm not smart enough for this life I've been livin', 
    G	G/F#           Em7 	        A 
A little bit slow for the pace of the dream. 
Bm	        Em9/A   	G	                  Em9/A    
It's not I'm ungrateful for all I've been given; 
       Em7         A                    G	    D>A 
But nevertheless, just the same... 

D                           D/C#                    G/B                   A7sus4 
I wish to my soul, I was back in Montana, 
    G	                G/F#            Em7 	       A 
High on my mountain and deep in the snow. 
Bm	        Em9/A	G	     Em9/A     Em7              A               D>   D/C# 
Up in my cabin,  over the valley,  Under the blankets with you 

Bm G  Em7            A 	Bm	           Em9/B  Em9/G   A 
Oo - ---ver    the ocean from here.( OHH, OOH,, OHHH  Oh.) 
Bm  G      Em7             A                       Bm         Em9/B  Em9/G       A 
Oo- --- ---ver    the mountains from there( OHH, OOH,, OHHH  Oh.) 

            D                       D/C#                G/B                   A7sus4 
But, who can imagine the scale of the forces that 
G	                      G/F#             Em7 	     A 
Pushed this old mountain range up in the sky? 
Bm	        Em9/A	    G	         Em9/A           Em7              A                   D 
Tectonic creation, erosion, mutation;  Somethin' to pleasure God's eye. 

            D                       D/C#                G/B                   A7sus4 
The world is a wonder of lightnin' and thunder, 
           G	                 G/F#           Em7 	        A 
And green of the ground as we fall from the sky. 
       Bm		      Em9/A        G	                  Em9/A 
The old and new faces, the tribes and the races... 
Em7                   A            D>   D/C# 
Thousands of places to try.. 

Bm  G  Em7          A               Bm	           Em9/B  Em9/G	   A 
Oo ----- ver the ocean from here.  .( OHH, OOH,, OHHH  Oh.) 
Bm  G        Em7            A                       Bm          Em9/B  Em9/G       A 
Oo - --- ---ver    the mountains from there( OHH, OOH,, OHHH  Oh.) 


Em9/A          Em	 A		Bm 
One sits and waits while the other one wanders, 
   Em9	Gmaj7	  Em7		 A 
And squanders his time with a life on the road. 
Em9/A                 Em              G                        A 
Down from the mountain, across the wide ocean, 
        Bm              Em9             G	A 
The world is in motion and cannot be slowed. 

D                          D/C#                      G/B                         A7sus4 
Enough for today... the demands of the moment, 
          G	             G/F#           Em7 	         A 
The thing on my mind is the work in my hand. 
Bm	                    Em9/A	       G	     Em9/A    
Wood for the woodstove and water for coffee, 
  Em7                    A                G	    D>A 
Somethin' I can still understand. 

D                               D/C#                        G/B             A7sus4 
We got a few friends but not many neighbors, 
        G	         G/F#             Em7 	         A 
The trip into town takes us most of the day. 
Bm	             Em9/A	             G	           Em9/A    
And after, "Hello",   and "it's sure good to see you", 
 Em7            	A	 D 
It seems like there's nothin' to say 

Bm  Em9/B  Em9/G                A                   D 
Oo ---- -----  --ver         the ocean from here.  
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