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Kainoa Ukulele tab

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by educastilho

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Intro: D7 F G7 C Am F G7 C 

  C                       G7     C      Bb B 
I'm waiting on a warm and sunny seashore 
  C                G7           C C7 
Yearning for the one that I adore 
   F        E7       Am          D7 
My heart is true I'm thinking of you 
  C          G7          C   D7 F G7 C Bb B 
Forever I'll love you Kainoa 

   C            G7             C     Bb B 
I see a sunbeam dancing on the water 
 C           G7                  C       C7 
Surfing on a wave that comes to shore 
    F               E7         Am            D7 
The promise in that beam is a long awaited dream 
      C                  G7        C      D7 F G7 C Bb B 
Which tells me that you love me Kainoa 

    C               G7         C     Bb B 
Now day is done the sun sets Kainoa 
  C              G7            C    C7 
Stars are peek a booing from above 
     F                   E7          Am             D7 
The moon gets brighter still in my heart I feel a thrill 
      C                  G7        C 
The trade winds say you love me Kainoa 

     C                G7            C     Bb B 
The silvery moon is shining on the land 
  C            G7             C    C7 
Casting palmy shadows on the sand 
      F                 E7             Am            D7 
They dance beneath the moon while the breezes hum a tune 
     C                   G7          C 
They do this 'cause they love you Kainoa 

   D7  F  G7   C Am F G7 C 
Kainoa I love you 
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