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Hooded Fang

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by jov%2Dcorrea

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  		Intro: C   F G x4  

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Riff: e|----------------------------------------|\ B|-88888-10-8------88888-10-8-------------| \ G|------------9-7-------------9-7-5-------| \ D|----------------------------------------| / x3 A|----------------------------------------| / E|----------------------------------------|/ e|-------------------------------8--------| B|-88888-10-8------88888-10-8-10----------| G|------------9-7-------------------------| D|----------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------|
(twice) C F I woke up in a fervor G C Asleep with the lights again F Outside too dark to see shadows G C But I could still hear them F You asked me what was the matter G C I said its time to go outside F I hear ghosts passin' over G C You said baby we better walk C F G x2 C F We took a walk in the forest G C Downed a bottle for safety F I thought I saw one to the left of me G C You said no baby that's a tree F G C Your face it glowed in the moonlight F G Your eyes got lit by the moonlight F G And they came from the dark C F In a transparent glow G And the seas could be heard C F In their footsteps of old G C F And they only asked us for a chance to talk G C And you said baby we gotta walk C F G x7 C
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