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Walkin with my monkey Ukulele tab

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by europeu

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Walkin with my monkey

  		Em7/5-  F13  F#sus4  Gmaj7  Gmaj7/13 
Monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey 
E7/4+   E7sus4   E9  E9/5+  Fmaj7  Fmaj7/13  Fm13  Fsus4/9 
I was walkin and i saw a monkey and he was a pretty monkey 
Abmaj7/13  Abm  Abm9  Bbsus4  B6   Bm13   
 B7b5  B9/5+  B13  Bm C# 
oh yes he was he was pretty like a poo then  the monkey decided to barf on me 
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Solo E-----------------------3-------------1----------------------------------------| B-----------------------1--------4----------------2----------------------------| G-------------3-----------------------3------4-----------4-----4--------3------| D-------3-----3-------------2----2-------3--------3------3-----------------2---| A----4--4-----------4-------4---------------------1-------------3----------1-2-| E-----1--------------4------3------------------------------------1------1------|
C#m7 C7 C7sus4 Cm7/5- Cm11 Oh yeah he barfed on me and i asked him if he could walk with me he said Cm9 No i want to shoot you till you die Cm13 Oh yeah walkin with my monkey G G G G G G G G Yeeaaahhhhhhhh
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