George Harrison

Anna Julia

George Harrison

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Anna Julia

	  		Intro:(Eb Cm) 

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Eb Cm e|-----------------------------| B|-----------------------------| G|-----------------------------| D|-----------------------------| A|-6--6-6--6-6-1/3---3-1-3-1---| E|-----------------------------|
Eb Cm Gm Canít you hear that lonely symphony Ab Bb Eb Itís playing just for me Eb Cm Gm It's the same old misery Ab Bb Trying to bring me down Eb Cm Gm And I just wanna cry out loud Ab Bb Eb And tell you how I feel Eb Cm Gm Seeing your face in every crowd Ab Bb Cm is making my heart beat harder. Cm Gm For the chance to be near you Ab and whenever I see you Bb and thereís nothing can hold me down. Eb Ab Bb Oh Anna Julia Eb Ab Bb Oh Anna Julia Eb Cm Gm All the guys that follow you around Ab Bb Eb are trying to catch your eye Eb Cm Gm They just think that Iím a clown Ab Bb Eb Iím crazy to even try Eb Cm Gm But when I see you on the street Ab Bb Eb My whole world starts to change Eb Cm Gm Then the blood beneath my feet Ab Bb Cm starts burning me up like a fire Gm and I feel like Iím falling Ab Thatís when I hear you calling Bb Hold my breath and look around. Eb Ab Bb Oh Anna Julia Eb Ab Bb Oh Anna Julia (Eb Ab Bb) 3x Cm Gm Ab Eb Cm Gm Ab Bb Cm Gm Ab Eb Pray for the day when your love sets me free Cm Gm People say thereís no way Ab Eb that your loveís not for me Cm Gm But thereíll come a day Ab Eb When I tell you all that I feel Cm Gm and theyíll stand and watch Ab Bb while you walk away with me Eb Ab Bb Oh Anna Julia Eb Ab Bb Oh Anna Julia Eb Ab Bb Oh Anna Julia Eb Ab Bb Eb Oh Anna Julia, Julia, Julia... ow ow ow..
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