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Frank Sinatra

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Introd: A7M D7/9  A7M  D7/9  A7M  Cdim  E7/9+ 

A9  A  A7M A7/9+  A  A7M 
I'm blue ev'ry   Monday  
A7M  D9 A7 A A7M  D9 
Thinkin' over Sunday, 
D9    E   D9 Bm5-/7 E   D9   A   F#7  D9 
That one day when I'm with you; 
E   D9   Fdim A9  A  A7M A7M/9  A  A7M 
It seems that I sigh all  day  Tuesday  
   A7M D9 A7M   A  A7M   Edim 
And I  cry all day Wednesday 
D9  E   D9  Bm5-/7  E  D9   A 
Oh, my, how   I  long for you! 
A7M  A   A7/9- Fdim C#7 C#7/G# 
And then comes   Thursday  
         Fdim   Bm5-/7         F#m  
Gee, it's long and never gets by. 
Fdim  B7           Cdim  B7   D9      Bm5-/7  E 
Fri - day makes me feel just like I'm gonna die. 
E   D9  Fdim A9   A A7M A7/9+  A   A7M 
But after payday is   my  fun  day,  
A7M D9   A7M  A  A7M   Cdim 
I  shine all day Sunday, 
 D9   E   D9  E   Cdim Fdim  A 
That one day when I'm  with you. 
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