Frank Black and the Catholics


Frank Black and the Catholics

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Written by Frank Black

	  		{Intro} A E A E Bm D Bm D A E 

Well there's a {A}perfect {E}explanation 
for the {Bm}shit that I've been {D}in 
as {Bm}soon as I found {D}out I'll you {A}know E 

And if it's {A}any consol{E}ation 
well your {Bm}horse is going to {D}win 
{Bm}mine and all the {D}others are just {E}too slow 


     There's a {A}Coastline{E} 
     I'd like to {F#m}go back{B} 
     and if you {D}don't mind{E} 
     I'm gonna {F#m}turn 'round in my {D}tracks 

     It's good to {A}be back E 
     down on the {F#m}coastline B 
     we lost {D}contact E 
     and I {F#m}hope that you don't {D}mind 

     {Dm}I was trying to {E}save us both some {A}time. 

          {Bridge} E Bm D Bm D A E A E Bm D Bm D E 

     {Repeat Chorus} 


     {Dm}*I was trying to (E) save us both some {A}time. 
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