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Nowhere Man Ukulele tab

Emmerson Nogueira

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Nowhere Man

Year: 2004 - Album: Beatles

(Paul McCartney & John Lennon)

  		E             B9 
He's a real nowhere man 
A9               E 
Sitting in his nowehere land 
F#m           Am                 E  
Making all his nowhere plans for nobody 
Doesn't have a point of view 
Knows not where he's going to 
Isn't he a bit like you and me? 
        G#m7     Am7/9   
Nowhere man please listen 
          G#m7       Am7/9 
You don't know what you're missing 
Nowhere man 
     Am7/9   F#m7           B9 
The world is at your command 
He's as blind as he can be 
Just sees what he wants to see 
Nowhere man 
Can you see me at all? 
Nowhere man don't worry 
Take your time, don't hurry 
Leave it all 
Till somebody else lends you a hand 
Doesn't have a point of view... 
Nowhere man, please listen... 
He's real nowhere man... 
Emmerson Nogueira - Voz e vocais/ 
Violão de aço/Baixo 
Marcos Falcão - Lap Steel/Violão 12 cordas (solo) 
Zé Mário - Bateria 
Vanessa Farias, Carol Marques e Felipe Grillo - Vocais 
Contribuição: Milton Lima Oliveira([email protected]) 

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