Runaway Girl


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Runaway Girl


Intro: A Bm D  Bm D  Bm  

D         Bm                   G 
I fell in love with a runaway, a little  
runaway girl  
D                Bm                
Each night she's all that I dream about,  
G                 A 
my little runaway girl  
Gb          G             Gbm 
She used to make me glad  now, I'm sad and  
  Em      A 
I feel so bad  
    D          G                       A 
Oh, why must I always be waiting, for, my  
little runaway girl? 

INTERLUDE: D Bm        D  Bm 

D              Bm                        G 
My friends all told me I'm wastin' time, with  
my runaway girl  
Dm  D     Bm                       G 
How did I know it was just a line, from my runaway  
Gb           G             Gbm           Em 
She broke my heart in two, now I'm blue, you'd  
be, too  
   D           G                    A 
If you were in love with a runaway, a little  
Bm      D 
runaway girl  

G                    A         D 
Although she may not feel this love the way that  

I do  
G              A                  Bm  Gbm Em 
Each night and day I'll pray that someday maybe  
she'll come through and then   

D        Bm                     G               D 
I know I won't be a lonely boy, with my runaway girl  
               Bm                       G          
Cause now I'll be more than just a toy, for my runaway  
Gb           G           Gb      Gbm   E    Em     A 
If she comes back to me, I'll be free, then you'll see  
       D          G                       A            
Oh, my heart will sing and be glad again, with my runaway  

D Bm        D  Bm    D Bm        D  Bm D 
     (la-da-da)           (la-da-da)    (Fade ) 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat  
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