Chris Hillman

Somebodys Back In Town

Chris Hillman


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Somebodys Back In Town

	  		F                                 C                                  
I just heard the saddest news somebody's back in town  
Bb              C              F 
And I know just what he's gonna do  
F                                   C 
He'll pick up where he left off his last time around 
   Bb              C7             F 
Oh how it hurts to keep on losing you 
F   Bb                                F 
Somebody's back in town to steal your love from me 
    Bb                        C7 
The fear I had so long is now reality  
    F             F7              Bb 
The only chance I have is when he throws you down 
   Gm                 C7             F 
My chance is gone somebody's back in town 
F                                          C 
I know that I can't change your ways we've been thru that before 
    Bb              C                   F 
His trap is set and you will walk right in 
He only wants a fly by night affair and nothing more 
    Bb               C              F 
And you're just fool enough to fall again 
F    Bb                              F 
Somebody's back in town why can't he stay away 
Bb                                    C7 
You should know he never loved you anyway 
      F              F7                Bb 
He'll let you live a little then he'll throw you down 
    Gm             C7             F 
Sad news today somebody's back in town 
         From Chris Hillman "Desert Rose"   
         Sugar Hill Records 
         Sure Fire Music(BMI) 

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