Bruno Major

On Our Own

Bruno Major

ukulele Intermediate intermediate


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On Our Own

Intro: Fm C Fm C Fm C F D C 

verse 1 
         F                C               Dm      F    C 
Tried to tell him there's pain here and suffering too 
            F             C 
I tried to pray but the angels said "we're too busy for you" 
                     C          Dm          C 
Had a talk with my Mama about losing my belief 
                         C                F                       C 
Cause since she lost her Mama, the Lord's been helping with her grief 

 G           C                  Am 
She said He might just be a big story 
C            F               C 
But there's more to life than truth 
        G        C       Am 
There's hope my son in people's faith 
           F            G     C     G 
Gives them strength to pull through 

Dm C What if the world is a hopeless place Am G We're just scared to admit we're alone Dm C What if the world is a hopeless place Am G F And we're on our own Am G F Fm We're on our own
verse 2 C F C But thereís beauty in nature and parables from kingdoms we knew G#m C F C Iím not expecting much after, Iíll make the most of my dues Pre-Chorus C Am Cause I believe Heís just the story F C And I'm looking for the truth G Am I have faith in my own journey F G C G With those I love to help me through
Dm C Cause I know the world is a beautiful place Am G F Too full of life to be alone A# C I know the world is a beautiful place Am C F But we're on our own Am G Fm F C Yeah we're on our own
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