Brian Fallon

Let Me Tell You Bout Heartbreak

Brian Fallon

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Let Me Tell You Bout Heartbreak

Capo on 1st fret

I found it sounds better with  
Capo on 1st or 2nd. 

This is roughly what i think it is, please feel free to mess around with this and change  
it as you please 

D, A, Bm, G 

I sit alone tonight 
I sit by candlelight 
            Bm                                          G 
I think of all the things we said, that we couldnt make right 

But the lights go red 
And the room goes dead 
            Bm                                            G 
And all the things we used to do are being recalled in my head 

Pictures bring tears 
I remember those years 
               Bm                                G 
I see somebody singing songs that I'd rather not hear 

And I found a girl 
I havn't seen in a while 
        Bm                                     G 
she's a beautiful little girl with a beautiful smile 

***Chorus: Strum D and A twice (Listen to song)*** 
D, A, G 
      I said a long time that it's been for me 
      It's not the same for you, It's not at all the same for you 
      Let me tell you a little bit 'bout heartbreak 

I walk down the streets 
I walk past the lights 
                            Bm                                  G 
I walk through memories and back again and I end up lost in the night 

But nobody sees me 
I know its been a year 
                          Bm                                       G 
I don't think anybody has seen me cry, the times I wished you were here 

D I question if i should feel A Quite the way I feel Bm G And I question if things would be right, If I had never been in love with you D But thats not the case A Though I wish it was Bm G And I know there was something I should said that I just never ever thought of
**Chorus** End: Play intro, end on D
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