Brett Dennen

Frozen In Slow Motion

Brett Dennen

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Frozen In Slow Motion

Capo on 5th fret


Em | C | D | C | 


Em                  Am 
Goodbye woman of my dreams 
You were running for steam 
I got swept in your slip stream. 
Em                      Am 
Like a vision, you came strong 
              C                   G 
Then you were gone, and you moved on. 

C Dsus2 Am And all around me, things are moving, so fast, C D Im still tender from the crash G C Feels like I'm frozen in slow motion, G C You get further away G C Feels like I'm frozen in slow motion, G C G/B You get further away
Verse: Em Am Now the curtains closing C Are you a tragedy? G Are you a comedy? Em Am I was romancing on the phone C G Dancing with a stone, that I could not move alone. (Chorus) Em Am Goodbye dreamer I have drawn, C G You belong among the love songs (Chorus)
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