Brandon Heath

Listen Up

Brandon Heath

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Listen Up

Written by Brandon Heath

	  		C           G          D 
Why are you crying 
          C   G     D  
Did I say something wrong 
                C         G 
Wereínt we just talking 
              C   G    D  
Tell me whats going on 

          Em          C  
Cause Iím pretty sure my intentions  
     G                 C            
Were nothing more than conversation 
Em             C           
Maybe you just needed someone 
   G              D   
To listen to your heart 

        C         D  
Maybe I spoke too soon 
        Em       D 
Maybe I said too much 
           C        D 
Now that my face is blue 
                  Em  D  G 
Think itís time I listen up 
             C    D    G  
Iíve already said enough 

C           G          D 
Sometimes I do this 
             C   G   D  
Thing is Iím so afraid 
               C       G 
When it getís quiet 
               C   G    D  
What you might have to say 

Cause Iím guilty of 
Iím lost in my 
Own translation 
Em           C  
I apologize, I know I 
       G              D  
Should listen to your heart 

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