Boy Howdy

She'd give anything

Boy Howdy

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She'd give anything

	  		C                  F                G            C        
She's waiting for someone whp can turn her life around  
       F             G                Am               F  
For someone who can make her feel the way she used to feel 
         G                   C         F               G 
But he never comes.  She's dating but no one that she cares  
         C                   F             G     Am       
to talk about. And all the flowers in the world don't amount 
     F                 G  
to much when what you want is love. 
                   F           G           C    
And she'd give anything and everything to fall in love 
           F              G                 C  
Just this one time she'd like to find what shes been  
dreaming of.  Well she could find someone to hold her 
            D                                     F 
But that wouldn't be enough. Cause she'd give anything 
    G       C 
To fall in love. 
If you're reading this you probably know the lyrics.  
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