Booze And Glory

Only Fools Get Caught

Booze And Glory

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Only Fools Get Caught

	  		A D F#m D 

I heard he's doing alright now hard time inside tho 

But he's learnt his lesson now 

But I'll believe when I see it coz I know it ain't that easy 

Just to turn your back on it all 

If all you ever knew from the day that you were born 

Was to cheat, lie, fight and steal 

Well your never gonna break it if you can't earn it take it 

Well life don't work that way 

    A            E 
Coz some people never change 
F#m          D 
Some people fade away 
A             E 
Some people break the rules 
D         E          A 
But only fools get caught 

He was never gonna go clean, dragged up in the East End 
What kind a start in life is that 
He never did go well at school, in an out of borstal 
But he learnt what he had to know 
Coz if all you ever do from the day that you leave school 
is work hard and live the honest life 
Well you'll never get no thanks coz we're all on the blag 
And life just works that way  

He' sitting at the bar now with some spanish tart 
Soaking up the sun in Marbella 
Coz he done a ronny biggs and he fucked off out of here 
But he ain't never coming back again 
So if all you ever do is follow the rules 
You're never gonna get nowhere 
So do as you please and take what you need 
And make life work your way 
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