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In The Day Ukulele tab

Billy Bob Thornton

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In The Day

  		INTRO: Bm  G  D   Bm  G  D 

Bm                     G 
Do you remember in the day 
All our crazy summer ways 
                             Em       G 
And those guys that were our friends 
Bm                       G 
The red and yellow windy falls 
When we seemed to have it all 
                       Em    G 
And it was never gonna end 

The girls we loved that came and went 
All the idle time we spent 
Playin' records that we borrowed 
And now it kinda hurts to think 
Every time I take a drink 
That this would be tomorrow 

D                   C           G 
I don't see nothin' wrong with dreaming 
D                             C G 
Unless that's all you seem to do 
D                          C          G          
Something's wrong when you can't find meaning 
D                      C  G 
Since nineteen seventy-two 
D                    C             G 
I'm not sure if it's me that needs changing 
D                     C  G 
Maybe we had a better way 
D                         C           G 
But then the world always needed rearranging 
Bm   G           A 
Even back in the day 
Bm   G           A 
Even back in the day 


They've turned the Ritz into a mall 
And tore down the Big and Tall 
But the ghosts still wander main street 
They took away the mom and pop 
There's a seven acre stop 
Where you buy new tires and bed sheets 

Paula's record shop is gone 
It died a little with each song 
That was written by committe 
And now the stars don't really shine 
They steal the glow we left behind 
In a time they never did see 


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