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Carnival Girl Ukulele tab

Billy Bob Thornton

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Carnival Girl

  		INTRO: G  G/F#  Em  C  D 

  G                              D 
I saw her in between fast movin' scrambler cars 
She had a stare like a twenty dollar whore 
                   G7               C 
And I have done my time but I would say thus far 
     A                              D 
I've never seen a stare like that before 

I ambled over close enough to ask her name 
She said not that it's your business, but it's Dora 
Her bottom lip and both ears were linked by chains 
She even had a tattoo on her aura 

  C                 D             G 
I told her that I'd like to know about her world 
        C                        D 
And she said I ain't no carnival girl 

         C              D 
She said just because I work the fair 
        G       G/F#          Em 
And the wind of freedom blows thru my hair 
      C                   D              
Don't mean I swing like a tilt-a-whirl 
  G       G/F#      Em 
I may not be strung out in pearls 
    C          D        G     G/F#  Em 
But I ain't no carnival girl 
C          D        G 
I ain't no carnival girl 

She said that she would meet me in the parkin' lot 
But right now she had to tug on that old handle 
I bought a cotton candy and picked out a spot 
And watched until the scrambler was dismantled 

We talked until the sun came up and dried the dew 
But talk was all we did since she insisted 
She told me that there had only been a few 
Exceptions to the rule since she enlisted 

    C                 D            G 
She said she'd gladly tell me all about her world 
    C                     D 
But she ain't no carnival girl 


G  G/F#  Em      C          D        G 
             But I ain't no carnival girl 

OUTRO: G/F#  Em  C  D  G  D  G
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