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Alexander's Ragtime Band Ukulele tab

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by ang%2Dletra

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Alexander's Ragtime Band

(G7)            C 
    Come on and hear, Come on and hear 
    G7              C 
Alexander's ragtime band. 
Come on and hear, Come on and hear 

It's the best band in the land. 
They can play a bugle call 

Like you've never heard before, 

So natural that you want to go to war. 
D7                                G7 
That's just the bestest band what am, Honey lamb. 

Come on along, Come on along 
       G7              C 
Let me take you by the hand. 
Up to the man, Up to the man 

Who's the leader of the Band. 
           C                 C7 
And if you care to hear that Swanee River 
Played in ragtime, 
Come on and hear, Come on and hear 
    F       G7      C 
Alexander's ragtime band!! 
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