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Bad Religion

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  		Intro: A A A G C C C G A A A G C B  (4x)
 G             A   
 Yea  they say there's a place free of trouble and care
 And you have to pass a test for to make it there
           A                                  F                             
 It has something to do with the road thats straight and narrow
              C               D               A        
 And the only way to go it is by being right and thorough
              D                                A   (Play with a ska rhythm)
 There's always one more hill to climb
              C                                E(high)   
 There's always one more hill to climb    
A F C G A Bombarded by multiple choices 24-o-7 A F(high) C G Navigating a tangled web of logic and passion A F C G A Guided by subconscious voices askewed and sharpened F D G E Tested Tested oh oh oh
A F At times we may be wondering what we're supposed to do C D A Stand and deliver or see the conflict through F And as we long to proceed to build our castles in the sky C D A Our plans get confounded and determination dies D A (ska rhythm) There's no preparation and no guide C E (high) Just what you've done before here with your life **Chorus (Play the bridge with intro chord progression) Acting on will.... the test is a reaction Opening your heart..... the test is the emotion Rolling the dice...... The test is the intuity Burning out your mind..... the test is the recovery A F You can play by the rules or bend them to your knees C D A A A But the test isn't over to you reach your dark eternal sleep A F There are no absolutes no big wheels in the sky C D A E(high) You don't have to be first you just got to some how get by yea **Chorus then end with intro chord progression
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