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Amazing Ukulele tab

Andy Grammer

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by sabrjoao

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  		Amazing by Andy Grammer 

Tabbed By: Jantzen Knight 

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Intro & Verse: Dmaj7 Em7 F#m Em7 A7 E|----x------x------x------x---------5----| B|----x------x------x------x---------5----| G|---11-----12-----14-----12---------6----| D|---11------x-----14------x---------5----| A|----9-----12------x-----12---------7----| E|---10-----12-----14-----12---------5----| Chorus: Gmaj7 F#m Em7 A7 E|----x-----x-----x-----5--| B|----x----10-----8-----5--| G|---11----11-----7-----6--| D|----9----11-----9-----5--| A|---10-----9\\8\\7-----7--| E|----x-----x-----x-----5--|
INTRO (2x) VERSE 1 Dmaj7 Em7 F#m Em7 Dust off your heart and take it for a spin Dmaj7 Em7 F#m Em7 I know it's been a while since love has been Dmaj7 Em7 why don't you come outside? F#m Em7 my arms are open wide Dmaj7 Em7 F#m Em7 A7 and I'll be here until you realize, realize Chorus: Gmaj7 Cause I'll be standing on your doorstep F#m Lie hotter than the sunset Em7 just take your sweet time babe A7 I'll let you sleep Gmaj7 Cause the love that I'm holdin' F#m Will still be here in the morning Em7 I'm just sittin' here hoping A7 You'll come down to me Dmaj7 Em7 F#m Em7 We could be amazing x2 VERSE 2 Dmaj7 Em7 F#m Em7 You know you're gonna have to trust again Dmaj7 Em7 F#m Em7 So throw on your shades and stop your worryin' Dmaj7 Em7 I got your heart, your back F#m Em7 so don't stress out on that Dmaj7 Em7 F#m Em7 A7 Us being here is not an accident, accident CHORUS Bridge: You've done something right to keep me up all night I could wait forever in your smile I will not give in You will love again Open up your heart and say you'll try, say you'll try CHORUS
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