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by peter

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Year: 1997 - Album: Forever Love - 36 Greatest Hits

(Graham Russell)

  		Intro: E - B/D# - Aadd9/C# - Am/C 
E               B/D# 
Daybreak, I can't hide the truth 
Aadd9/C#          Am/C 
It seems I'm not so strong 
      E                     B/D# 
And suddenly, there's no more to lose 
Aadd9/C#        Am/C 
So where did I go wrong 
  G#m7         C#madd9     A 
I should have known before 
      B                E 
Her love for me was gone 
Now I'm waiting for the light 
Aadd9/C#           Am/C 
To fill this empty room 
  E                     B/D# 
I need you now to break thru the night 
Aadd9/C#                Am/C 
Whose shadows came too soon 
  G#m7  C#madd9  A      G# 
I waited far too long and now 
         C#madd9   Amadd9/C 
I feel I can't go on 
E Em E Em Daybreak, oh daybreak B I let her walk away C#m B/D# I should have said, don't go Am Am/F# I know I should have found another way G#m7 C#madd9 A6 Now I don't know what to do Badd9 E B/D# Aadd9/C# Am/C So daybreak, please break through
E B/D# Daybreak, I feel so alone Aadd9/C# Am/C Why won't you come to stay G#m7 C#madd9 A G# I waited far too long and now C#madd9 Am Am/F# I feel I can't go on (Repeat Chorus) (Ending) E - G6 - E - G6 - E9M _____________ Kenji Yanase
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