Caught by the Fuzz



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Caught by the Fuzz

   Start              Verse                       F#m 
  |-------------| |-------------------------------22222222------| 
  |-------------| |-------------------------------22222222------| 
  |-------------| |-------------77777777-66666666-22222222------| 
  |------7------| |----77777777-77777777-66666666-44444444------| 
  |------7-x16--| |----77777777-55555555-44444444-44444444------| 
  |------5------| |----55555555-------------------22222222------| 
   Chorus  F#       G#    F#m E   D    D    E 
  |------22222222-44444444-22-00 2222-2222-0000---------------| 
  |------22222222-44444444-22-00 3333-3333-0000---------------| 
  |------33333333-55555555-22-11 2222-2222-1111---------------| 
  |------44444444-66666666-44-22 0000-0000-2222---------------| 
   Middle  F#m      E         D         E   F    Bb  E 
   Coda   A        Amaj7 
  Caught by the fuzz 
  Well I was 
  Still on the buzz 
  In the back of the van 
  With my head in my hands 
  It's like a bad dream  
  I was only 15 
  If only my brother could be here now 
  He'd get me out and sort me out alright 
  I knew I should have stayed at home tonight 
  Locked in the cell 
  Feeling unwell 
  I talk to a man he says 
  Better to tell 
  Who sold you the blow 
  Well it was no one I know 
  If only you'd tell us we'd let you go 
  We'd make it alright for you if you tell us what you know 
  We'd make you wish you'd stayed at home tonight 
  Here comes my mum 
  Well she knows what I've done  
  Just tell them the truth 
  You know where it's from 
  You've blackened our name 
  Well you should be ashamed  
  If only you're father could be here now 
  He'd break down and he'd throw you out for sure 
  I never should have let you out tonight 


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