Steinar Albrigtsen

Brown Eyed Girl (picking)

Steinar Albrigtsen


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Brown Eyed Girl (picking)

	  		Steinar Albrigtsen: Brown Eyed Girl (picking)
Steinar Albrigtsen - Brown Eyed Girl Bound To Wander (1992) Only 1. verse is picked E F#m E Bsus2 e-------------0----------------: B----0------0------0------2----: G-----1----2-2------1----4-4---: 4 times D---2-----4-------2-----4------: A--------4-------------2-------: E--0-------------0-------------: Asus2 Bsus2 E C#m A B E Bsus2 E e--------------------0------------------------------------------ B-----0------2--------0----5------2-------4-------0-------2---0- G----2-2----4-4-----1-----6-6----2-2-----4-4-----1-------4-4--1- D---2------4-------2-----6------2-------4-------2-------4-----2- A--0----0-2-----2-------4------0-----0-2-----2-------0-2------2- E----------------0----------------------------0-----------------

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