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Pearl Jam

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Year: 1993 - Album: Vs. [Jewel Case & EcoPak]

This is a very loose transcription of the main bass riff: 
The guitar is moved so far back in the mix that it is difficult to get this 
exact, so just kind of improvise with the A chord like: 
Guitar 1 (Stone) 
Guitar 2 is just a solo type in Amin, so once again, just improvise 
Guitar 2 (Mike) 
The chorus is more of the same but Guitar 1 is more of the chords rather 
than the mutes and runs.  Guitar 2's soloing is faster. 
Since the guitars are so back in the mix, I can't really tell if the chords 
are changing in the chorus, so you might want to throw in some chords based 
on the bass notes (A G, C, E) 


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