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Are You Sure Waylon Done It This Way Tab

Clint Black

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Are You Sure Waylon Done It This Way

	  Here is the main riff from the amazing Clint Black album  
"D'lectrified". Clint Black is an amazing musician and one of my heros.  
In this song "Are you sure Waylon done it This Way",  
I'm pretty sure it's only one riff, the same riff played over and  
over again through the whole song. I'm not sure if it's correct  
and I'm not sure if it's the way Clint plays it but anyway  
I think it's close enough, at least it's the way I play it.  
Feel free to make corrections.  
Even though it's the same riff over and over and over again,  
Clint is able to add more instruments to the song and fantastic  
harmony vocals so the same riff can have a different approach.  
It's a great jam to play live and trade solo licks with.  
Have fun.... 


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