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by abelamin

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Stabat Mater

Intro: Cm Fm/Ab G (4x) 

verse 1   

Cm                              Ab 
In the glory stays till we lost our way 
Fm                 G 
We recall when the war was test again. 
Cm                           Ab 
Now that we venture to other plans 
Fm               G 
Will I see you again? 
If I caught this train with souls 
And blows our suns away 
Cm                    G 
I could really close again. 

Instrumental  Cm Fm/Ab G (4x)

verse 2 : 

Cm                       Ab 
Lonely eyes paving in disgrace 
F                       G 
Do you still great some flowers in your hair? 
Cm                               Ab 
Come to sound of birds and metal chains, 
F                       G 
With the perfume of the daises remain 

Cm                                   Ab 
A circus of horses is dancing in the valey 
F                     G 
But the fire is in the way. 
Cm                                     Ab 
The fast is served by quicksands, I am afraid 
F                      G 
Do you recall when the war was turnesd again? 

Instrumental   Cm Fm/Ab G (4x) 

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