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Written by Rafa Bizarro

Key:  Dm More
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	  		Intro Dm  Am  Bb  F  C 

Dm  Am  Dm     
When the wind blows on your face 
Just try to feel it 
Dm  Am  Dm 
When the lights fade out you wait 
Just keep on breathing 

( Am  Dm  Am  Dm ) 

Dm  Am  Dm 
When the thousand miles away 
    Am  Dm 
The false smiles in gray 
    Am  Dm 
The darkness scars your pain 
You know this meaning 


Bb C Donīt let your love die
Dm Am Cause the stars will shine bright Bb F So let the sky teach you C Dm Am Close your eyes, open your mind Bb F Just Keeping trying be true C Dm Am Feel your arms receiving rises Bb F And realise thatī you C Dm Am Cause the Stars will shine bright Bb C So let the sky teach you

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