Walter Becker

Upside Looking Down

Walter Becker

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Upside Looking Down

	  		Upside Looking Down 

|Abadd9      |Dbadd9        |Abadd9      |Dbadd9      | 

          Abadd9            Dbadd9       Abadd9      Ebsus2               
Well, you came on like some blazing supernova 

       Abadd9                Dbadd9         Ebsus4     
With a flame that burned so brightly in the sky 

         Bbm9             Dbadd9               Bbm11   Dbadd9   
Then you woke up and your long white night was over 

        Bbm11                 Db                Abadd9  Ab/Eb Eb 
And you cursed the world that dared to pass you by 

           Abadd9             Dbadd9            Abadd9    Ebsus2             
So now you blame the ones who love you for your sorrows 

        Abadd9          Dbadd9           Ebsus4   Eb 
Dealing dirty while you steal the higher ground 

        Bbm9            Dbadd9        Bbm9          Dbadd9     
But you cheated and you lied and life took you for a ride 

           Bbm9            Dbadd9         Abadd9   Ebsus4  Eb7 
Now youâ??re standing on the upside looking down 

    Db          F7sus4/C 
And O, the hero in disguise 

Believing his own alibis 

    Eb7sus4  Eb7          Edim      Db/F 
You run so scared, youâ??re standing still 

I know you are, I know you will 

       Abadd9           Dbadd9            Abadd9   Eb7 
Be the first to call it quits and run for cover 

           Abadd9          Dbadd9         Ebsus4     
While your little world is crumbling all around 

        Bbm11             Db              Bbm9         Db 
But you punked out on yourself, you canâ??t blame nobody else 

                    Bbm9            Db             Abadd9   Ebsus4 Eb7 
And now that youâ??re standing on the upside looking down 

|Fadd9          |Bbadd9         |Fmaj7          |C          | 

|Fadd9          |Bbadd9         |Csus4          |C           | 

|Gm7            |Bbadd9         |F               |Bbadd9     | 

|Gm7            |Bbadd9         |F               |     C      | 

    Db               F7sus4/C      
And O, the heartache of the thief 

Strung out on his own stash of grief 

  Eb7sus4  Eb7    Edim      Db/F 
A line for you, a flake for me 

But now itâ??s ancient history 

       Abadd9         Dbadd9              Abadd9    Eb7 
As the sky is turning black and glassing over 

       Abadd9        Dbadd9              Ebsus4 
As you drift so high above the lights of town 

       Bbm9             Dbadd9         Bbm9            Dbadd9 
All at once it seems so clear, you can see it all from here 

            Bbm9            Dbadd9         Abadd9   Eb7 
When youâ??re standing on the upside looking down 

|Abadd9      |Dbadd9        |Abadd9      |Dbadd9      | 

|Abadd9      |Dbadd9        |Abadd9      |Dbadd9      | 


Transcription and chart 
Peter Kruger 
[email protected] 

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