Trick Pony

More Like Me

Trick Pony


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More Like Me

	  		G                                                                  C  
I woke up this mornin' with a feelin' that was gone for quite some time 
     G                                                                            G 
Your long gone face has been replaced with better thoughts now runnin' through my mind 
   Am                                C 
So when you left you cut my heart in half 
Am                              F             G 
Just took some time but now I'm makin' my way back 
C F    C         G 
I feel more like me 
C        F          C    G 
I've let go of your memory 
         Am                 G                Em             F 
Well the hands of time have been so kind and finally set me free 
C      G         C 
I feel more like me 
There was a time when I was strong, wild and free and runnin' with the wind 
But now the chains are finally gone and I know I'll be that way again 
You took my soul and tore it clean in two 
But ever since I saw that open door and walked right through 
I compromised and justified, no matter what the cost 
Inch by inch became a mile till I just got lost 
But there's no more cryin', I'm flyin' and today's a brand new day 
Just look at me go now, I'm on a roll now and I think it's safe to say that 


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