The Sweet


The Sweet

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	  		G F# F E 

G   C# C /3 C D 
   Ah.. Ah        

1.When there ain't no light 
But the night is bright 
And it's cold outside 
I'm burning 
The feeling inside 
That I just can't hide 
                        D       E         D  E 
Now it's for you I'm yearning   Ha ha ha.. 

E D A C# C 

G   C# C  C D 
   Ah.. Ah  

2.I ain't asking much 
Just a simple touch of you 
But you won't have me 
I sit right here 
And my only fear is you 
And all you can be    A ha ha ha.. 

E D A C# C 

G   C# C /2  
   Ah.. Ah  

E D  E D 
At the third stroke 
            D             E  D 
It will be five thirty 

Solo:E D /14 

C# C 

G   C# C     G G# A A# B C  
   Ah.. Ah  

3.I'm a simple man 
And a simple man 
Can't get to you with feeling 
Even if I might 
Then it wouldn't be right 
To you love has no meaning   

E D A C# C 

G   C# C/2   
   Ah.. Ah  

E D E D.. 

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