The Sisters Of Mercy

I Was Wrong

The Sisters Of Mercy

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I Was Wrong

	  		(intro 4x)  Bm D A Bm D A E
            Bm D A Bm D E

(verso 1)
Bm D A Bm D A E
You say stay and never leave
You say meant for ever
I could believe you, but I don't
You say we're almost all alone together
All alone
You say
You say you will
I know you won't

Bm D A Bm D E
I was wrong
I was wrong to ever doubt
I can get along without
I can love my fellow man
But I'm damned if I'll love yours

Bm D A Bm D A E
In a bar that's always closing
In a world where people shout
I don't wanna talk this over
I don't wanna talk it out
I was quite impressed until I hit the floor
Isn't that what friends are for?
Pain looks great on other people
That's what they're for

( Bm D A Bm D A E ) (2x)
( Bm D A Bm D E ) 

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