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Dear Doctor Keyboard

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Dear Doctor

Year: 2002 - Album: Beggars Banquet

1. Oh, help me, please doctor, I`m damaged,   there`s a pain where there   
                       A       E                                 D          A   
   once was a heart. It`s sleeping, it`s beating, can`t you please tear it out   
            E               B            E   
    and preserve it right there in that jar.   

2. Oh, help me, please, Mama, I`m sickening,   it`s today that`s the day   
             A               E                        D          A   
     of the plunge.  Oh, the gal,  I`m to marry, is a bow-legged sow,   
               E           B            E   
    I`ve been soaking up drink like a sponge.   

3. "Don`t you worry, "Get dressed!" cried my mother,  as she plied me with   
                 A                 E   
    bourbon so sour .  "Pull your socks up, put your suit on,   
                D        A         E           B          E   
    comb your long hair down, for you will be wed in the hour."   
4. = verse 1.   

5. = verse 1. in the key of A   
6. I was trembling as I put on my jacket,   it had creases as   
                 D                A                       G          D   
    sharp as a knife.  I put the ring in my pocket, but there was a note,   
             A              E       A   
    and my heart it jumped into my mouth.   
7. It read, "Darling, I`m sorry to hurt you,   but I`ve no courage to speak   
             D              A                      G           D   
    to your face.  But I`m down in  Virginia with your cousin Lou,   
          A             E         A   
    and there`ll be no wedding today."   

8. So help me, please doctor, I`m damaged,   you can put back my heart   
            D          A                 G         D   
    in its hole.  Oh, Mama, I`m crying tears of relief,   
             E                    A   
    and my pulse is now under control     


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