The Midway State


The Midway State

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C         G     
I saw the ocean swallow you.  
Am           F                
through the haze, I search for you,  
C       G                Am         F 
trying to find where I had you. 

(same chords as first verse, listen to the song for timing)
Hard London rain beat colour out  
through the night my body shouts  
telling me to hold you now 
              C      G        
If you could feel my fire reach for you  
Am          F 
flames draw high out to you  
C           G                    Am      
streetlight shines through my window,  
it trembles for you  
C        G                  
take my heart, there you go.  
Am       F 
London's wild, but I'm alone.  
C          G               Am 
You're so far but I'm not tired,  
I'm coming for you. 

All over waves and straight across  
to the steps where we were lost  
in the night, our bodies locked  
all in your eyes the colours are  
like the red runs through my heart  
now it beats for you my love 

Tonight I feel restless Atlantic hum  
across these waters for you we're still young 

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