Sun Kil Moon

Garden Of Lavender

Sun Kil Moon

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Garden Of Lavender

Written by Mark Kozelek

Intro: A G F E F G 

A                                          G 
Was on a flight home fromówell, it doesnít matter 
     F      E        F                     G 
With eleven hours, a million thoughts were gathering 

A                                   G 
My mind kept going to my garden of lavender 
 F          E              F             G 
I wanted to get to them so they wouldnít die 

A                                 G 
When I got home, they were dry as wheat 
          F      E                  F             G 
While the vines thrived around them B-horror film green 

A                         G 
Not sure what my lavender symbolize 
    F    E    F     G 
But inside my heart cried 

A                                         G 
My heart is drawn to the small out-of-the-way things 
     F       E                   F                       G 
That I canít help but to give my focus and attention and care 

A                                   G 
Cause they shut off what hijacks my brain 
    F       E             F            G 
And help to tune out what can cause me pain 

A                                    G 
And I care for the animals around my yard 
       F        E              F           G 
And my sisterís children and I care for my garden 

A               G 
Swarmed upon by bumblebees 
    F       E                     F                            G 
And yellow jackets and wasps and hornets that can dart out and sting 

A                    G 
I see the big orange tabby cat 
 F      E            F               G 
Getting warm on the cover of the hot tub 

A             G 
He turns over on his back 
 F      E     F     G 
Looking for a belly rub 

A                     G 
I see the deer tracks in the snow 
       F      E                   
On the animal path 
      F                 G 
That leads into my backyard 

A                          G 
I hear the sound of my girlfriendís car 
 F            E               F                   G 
Coming up the driveway and it fills my heart With joy 

A                             G 
Though I know it will all end someday 
    F       E            F                       G 
And someone else will be sleeping in my mountain house 

A                   G 
Wondering who lived here before 
     F                E    
Just like I sometimes do 
         F                     G 
Though I never really cared to explore 

A                              G 
I see the chocolate and peanut butter cat 
   F                 E                  
I look at him and he looks back 
          F                      G 
I snap my fingers and blow him a kiss 

A                                        G 
He rubs his head against my hand and we reminisce 
       F                    E                     
I walk downtown and see the Christmas lights 
          F                    G 
Along the highway and how they shine 

A                          G 
And Iím reminded of when I was a child 
        F       E           F                        G 
And how happy I felt when I opened the box and saw a guitar inside 

A                                    G 
Was on a flight to somewhere I canít remember 
       F         E             F                         G 
I feel like Iíve lived so many lives, I canít put it all together 

A                        G 
Dordrecht, Holland, yeah that was it 
        F                  E                    F                        G 
I had a nice dinner with a concert promoter and his Korean wife, Suyoung Kim 

A                                    G 
Then dropped me off at an old spooky hotel 
       F       E            F                          G 
I felt like an old man in a castle looking over at the canal 

A                                                        G 
And I went and I played for a crowd but my heart wasnít there 
       F          E        F              G 
I came back to my room and slouched in my bed 

A                                                 G 
And I fell asleep still stewing about my dried up lavender 
      F      E           F         G 
And I fell asleep in the dark dead night 

A                                       G 
And I dreamed of a bluejay picking up a seed 
    F       E     F         G 
And passing it to anotherís beak 

A                        G 
Then watched him soar to another branch 
       F           E                 F                            G 
Then a baby possum hissed at me as I crept up on him near a trash can 

A                                             G 
And I woke up one rainy morning in Dordrecht, Holland 
     F        E          F       G 
Then got on a flight for London, England 

A G F E F G 

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