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Stevie Wonder

Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by Somsat

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  		Introd: B7+ - E7+ 
B7+       E7+                                      Eb                                             
Sylvia,   you know you're getting to me now 

Mmm, mmm, mmm,  
G#m       G#m/F#                                            Fm7/5- 
Sylvia,     you      gently touched my heart somehow 
  E                                                  A  
Yesterday you made me happy as a child at play 
F#m                                     G# 
Just like the summer sun that warms my heart 
      C#m     F#                  B7+ 
And move    on,    now you are gone. 
Whoa, oh, oh,   
B7+    E7+                              Eb 
Sylvia, you're everything that I adore 
        G#m          G#m/F#                               Fm7/5- 
That sweet song, that     caught a spark in me more 
E                                                          A 
Tenderly that's how you whisper that you loved me 
F#m                                   G# 
As    if a raindrop kissed my ear  
             C#m F#                   B7+  
And disappeared,     now you are gone. 
E7+           B7+ 
Oh, oh, oh, yeah 
E7+                              B7+         E7+       Eb 
You know I love my little Sylvia..   (Sylvia)   mmm   mmm 
G#m         G#m/F#          Fm7/5- 
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, 

Whoa, oh, oh, yeah 
       E                                           A 
And yesterday I feel in love with you all the way 
F#m                     G# 
Tenderly you lit a spark  
         C#m   F#               B7+ 
In my heart,       now you are gone. 
E7+             B7+ 
Mmm, hmm, Sylvia 
E7+             B7+ 
I gently miss Sylvia 
E7+                     B7+ 
I'm crazy 'bout ya, Sylvia 
E7+                              B7+ 
You know I love my little Sylvia. 

Cifrada por: [email protected] 

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