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Silence 4

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Marujo

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Angel Song

  		  F4    D#     C    G    Em7    D 
Intro -  F4 D# C G C G C  
G       C               G                 C 
This is me with another nervous breakdown 
G                    C                      
My pressure dropped, this body went with it 
G                 C                        
Memory fails, I'm feeling claustrophobic 
 D#                       F4 
I sream my silent pain in this big plain 
G                   C 
There's no one here 
G               C    
Tell me who is there now 
Who is there with you 
    G                 C                    
I'm taking no calls unless it's her voice 
  G                C              
I'm seeing no one unless it's her 
  D#               F4 
I open the mailbox every hour 
G           C 
Maybe I'll hit the postman 
I want to here some love words  
But not in that dyslexic voice 
No I won't tear apart for you 
C                         riff 1 
But I was given no choice 
              C                 Em7 
I guess I was trying to keep me alive 
               D                         Em7 
But once I was dead there was nothing to do beside 
           C             Em7 
Picking me up, lying me down 
Waiting for some angel 
To wake me and say to me: 
G Em7    D             C               G Em7 D               C    
"Hello. Don't be scared. I want you to know, you're not dead." 
G                 D 
Kiss me is this a dream? 
Should I believe it? 
                              G             D          
Please promise to me that I'm not going to get hurt this time 
C Em7 D Em7 
G                C              G 
Am I to good for you, am I just paranoid? 
             C                           D# 
Should I get clinical or should I speak louder? 
Maybe I should close my eyes for years 
G                      C           G 
And wait for the strongest feeling  
Out of all of the feelings 
to raise 
"Many years ago I have this dream about this girl that came flying into my window  
and wisperd in my ear: You're my boy." 
C          Em7           D              Em7 
Am I real? Are you real? Is this real? What's real? 
Am I real? Are you real? Is this real? Tell me, what's real? 

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