Sammy Kershaw

Tennessee Girl

Sammy Kershaw

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Tennessee Girl

Written by Bob DiPiero/Craig Wiseman


Intro: (E) (E) (E) (E) 

(E) I met a girl from Johnson City, man 
(E) She's about the prettiest thing in the state. 
(E) So I went down to the DMV, 
(E) Was gonna get me some vanity plates.  

  I told 'em 
 (A) "She's my everything; (B) she's my dream come true: 
 (E) "If I don't tell her, (A) man, I don't what I'll do. 
 "It feels so good that I can't (B) keep it to myself. 
  I love that (E) T E, double-N, E double-S double-E G I R L." 

(E) So I called up Dave, formerly a jet-fighter; 
(E) Currently a sky-writer, when you pay him cash. 
(E) I told him what I wanted him to give me: 
(E) He said: "I'll get so dizzy, I'll prob'ly crash."  

Repeat Chorus 


(E) So I went down to the emporium: 
(E) I'm gonna get me some epidermal art. 
(E) I'm savin' up every penny 'cause, 
(E) It'll cost me plenty, man, an' it's gonna smart.  

Repeat Chorus Twice 

Fade out...  


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